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Welcome to SCAN-TRUCK. We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of computer diagnostics scan tools for European, Asian, American trucks, commercial vehicles, as well as a variety of electronic components for automotive vehicles. Best price and discount for everybody!




Star Diagnosis SD Connect 4 performs diagnostic of all vehicles Daimler Benz — passenger Mercedes Benz, cargo Mercedes Benz, bus Setra, Cobus, Mitsubishi FUSO, and a new brand of Indian trucks BHARAT BENZ. Star Diagnosis SD connect 4 provides absolutely full support for automobiles and trucks of all years of manufacture with the onboard 24 V and 12 volts.
In addition, since July 2011 SD connect 4 is the only diagnostic adapter to diagnose all vehicles MB.
Embedded software SDnetAssist- allows you conveniently and quickly to configure the SD connect 4 to your aims and objectives. If you have multiple scanners, Star Diagnosis SD connect 4, gives you the possibility to connect them into a unified network and manage the particular scanner Star Diagnosis SD Connect 4, with the help of the program SDnetControl.

Star Diagnosis CANtool — is the latest diagnostic system via CAN bus, on Mercedes Benz vehicles, with which works the new Auto scanner Star Diagnosis SD connect 4. This system will allow you to physically view all settings through CAN bus on these cars (169/245, 164 / 251, 171, 211 / 219.171, 203/209, 220/215, 230, 221/216, 240).
The CANtool together with SD connect 4 can operate in two modes:

  • Diagnostic via CAN bus integrated with XentryDAS;
  • Diagnosis through CAN program SD scan (expert mode);

Supported features — Star Diagnosis SD:

  • Forcing activation CAN bus;
  • Monitoring CAN bus;
  • Selecting and configuring signals CAN;
  • Management element of the CAN bus;
  • Diagnostics of all electronic components in the CAN bus;
  • Integrated system diagnosis of the power supply system of the vehicle, search for the causes of discharging the battery.
  • Autoscanner Star Diagnosis SD Connect 4:
  • Set of diagnostic cables: 4-pin, 14-pin, 16-pin (OBDII), 38-pin
  • LAN cable
  • Software

Price for dealers: 650 euro




Star Diagnosis is the professional diagnostic equipment for Mercedes Benz cars manufactured after year 2000. The device operates based on the Windows XP system, it includes Workshops Information System (WIS system), the movement management system (STARUTILITIES) and the automatically diagnose system (DAS-Diagnosis Assistance System).

Testable system:

  • Engine
  • Auto-speed
  • Air conditional system
  • SRS
  • ABS
  • ASR
  • MPL
  • GM
  • Original anti-theft DASX system
  • Keyless entering system
  • OBD-II system

Price for dealers: 500 euro




Applicable to all types of commercial vehicles MAN, released after 2001. MAN CATS T200, as well as many modern Auto-Scanners works through a wireless connection, which simplifies the self-test process. Works together with the program man cats.

MAN CATS T200 features:

  • Control unit identification
  • Reading, deletion errors
  • Testing the actual mechanism
  • Testing the actuators
  • Monitoring (visualizing and interpreting sensor signals)
  • Guided Fault Finding
  • Condition monitoring and service functions.
  • Programming and replacing control units

Supported systems:

  • Electronic braking system (EBS)
  • The electronic engine control (EDC)
  • Air suspension control system (ESAC)
  • Retarder
  • Gearbox
  • Air-conditioning system
  • Central computer
  • Door module
  • Airbag control unit
  • and much more!
  • Packaging arrangement
  • Diagnostic adapter MAN CATS T200
  • Cable OBD
  • Cable  12-pin
  • Cable USB
  • Wi-Fi unit
  • Diagnostic software MAN CATS 12.01 (developer mode)

Price for dealers: 1800 euro




With the help of scan tool DAF VCI 560 MUX you can perform diagnostics, identify errors and program the following systems:
With this kit you can diagnose, troubleshoot and program:

  • Safety system.
  • Door control system.
  • Break system.
  • Suspension system.
  • Cabine climate system.
  • Communication system.
  • Transmission system.
  • Engine system.
  • Power supply and ground.
  • Retarder system.
  • Auxialiary system.
  • HDOBD.
  • Tachograph.
  • Security system.
  • Steering control system.
  • Vehicle control system.
  • and many others!

Price for dealers: 1800 euro




Using complex diagnostic SCANIA VCI 2 you are able to perform all of the operations the official Scania dealer is able to perform – detecting and erasing errors, change parameters of the systems, perform calibrations, the possibility to make configuration changes affecting the operation of electrical systems, and also to update the control units program.
The list of supported systems for SCANIA VCI 2:

  • ATA, WTA, CTS and AUS — Auxiliary heater system, Clock timer system, Radio.
  • APS – Air processing system
  • BWS – Body work system
  • BCS – Bus chassis system
  • EBS – Brake management system
  • EEC — emission control system
  • EBS — Brake Control System
  • EMS – Engine management system
  • COO – Coordinator
  • ICL – Instrument cluster
  • TCO – Tachograph system
  • OPC and RET – Gearbox control system
  • LAS and BBS — Closing system and alarm
  • RTI — Information on road
  • SMS — Suspension Control System
  • LDW - Lane departure warning system (System warning of coming off the road)
  • TPM — Tyre pressure monitoring system

Supported languages ​​SCANIA VCI 2: German, English, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, French, Polish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish, Finnish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Czech.
Price for dealers: 500 euro




Complex diagnostic SCANIA VCI 1 is used for services of trucks and buses SCANIA 4 and 3 series as well as marine engines SCANIA. SCANIA VCI 1 adapter is designed to work with the software SDP2 (Scania Diagnos) and Scania SP2 (Scania Programmer).
With the help of complex diagnostic SCANIA VCI 1 You can do all the operations the authorized dealer SCANIA is able to do.
It works together with the program for diagnostic Scania SD and Scania SP
Scanner vci 1 works through a COM port.

  • Diagnostic adapter VCI1
  • SP2 and SD2

Price for dealers: 900 euro




Scania vci 3 is the latest diagnostic system adapter for Scania trucks which replaced the previous generation adapter Scania vci 2. The new adapter holds the Wi-Fi functionality for easy operation.

  • Diagnostic adapter Scania vci 3
  • USB key for the Software SDP 3

Price for dealers: 850 euro



Diagnostic Interface for Volvo trucks – 88890020 (Provided with protective case — 88890180), designed for diagnosis, programming and setting parameters of all trucks, buses and construction machinery brand Volvo. Equipped with Wi-Fi unit for convenient operation. This diagnostic interface replaces the previous the diagnostic adapter Volvo — 9998555 (Volvo Vcads), which worked through COM port. The adapter 88890020 works with programs Navigator, PTT 1.12, PTT 2 and later programs.

  • Adapter 88890020
  • Protective cover 88890180
  • OBD cable — 88890026
  • 8pin cable — 88890027
  • USB cable to connect to a computer

Price for dealers: 700 euro

VOLVO VOCOM 88890300



Diagnostic equipment Volvo VOCOM 88890300 is the latest diagnostic systems Volvo, replacing the previous generation adapter Volvo interface 88890020. The main difference between the new adapter VOCOM 88890300 from the previous version is the operation with trucks 2014 and EURO 6 systems. Supported Software — Premium Tech Tool 2.0x

  • Diagnostic Interface Vocom 88890300
  • Cable 8 pin 88890306
  • Cable USB 88890305
  • Connector OBD 88890304
  • Optional:
  • Adaptor 8pin to Penta
  • Adaptor 8pin to OBD (Buses v2 — B12)
  • Adaptor 8pin to EDC for trucks produced before 1995
  • Adaptor 8pin to Renault DXI (VF627)
  • Adapter 8pin to 9pin for American trucks
  • Adapter 8pin to 14pin for Volvo construction machinery
  • Adapter 8pin for ABS until 1994

Price for dealers: 950 euro




Emulator AdBlue v3 is an advanced version of the previous generation of emulators v2. The main difference from the emulator Adblue 3 — is the possibility to be installed on a faulty SCR system. This Adblue emulator is designed to be used on trucks VOLVO, RENAULT, MAN, DAF, IVECO, SCANIA, MERCEDES, FORD cargo.
Price for dealers: depends from quantity (1 pcs 125euro; 10-20 pcs 119 euro)




V2- emulator device with which you can switch off the SCR system. This emulator can only be installed on a working SCR system.
Price: out of stock




The Tachograph programmer CD400 calibrates and programs all analogue and digital tachographs. Supports IMS (Independent Motion Signal / Second speed signal) parameters on DTCO 2.0, SE5000 Exakt Duo and EFAS-4. Supports ‘VDO counter’ parameter on DTCO 2.0. The device allows you to define the W figure determination on measuring track or rolling road, K figure measure, can be used as speed simulator for the tachograph when checking the speedometer and odometer.
Kit included:

  • CD400 — tacho programmer
  • Cable for  1319
  • Cable for 13ХХ/1318, V.Root 8400
  • Cable for EGK-100
  • Cable for 1324
  • Cable for V.Root 2400
  • Cable for CA-RS232-1
  • Cable for digital tacho
  • Cable crocodile
  • Manual

Price for dealers: 750 euro



The navigational terminal receives information about its location coordinates, current time, speed and movement direction from global positioning system satellites — GPS and GLONASS. If access to satellites is absent (above-ground parkings, ferroconcrete ceilings and other disturbances) the location is determined using the nearest GSM stations. Data gathered from satellites and readings received from connected sensors are transferred to the dedicated server through the GSM network. Using a comfortable web-interface, the system user can monitor location and state of equipment operation parameters using a PC, laptop, mobile phone or data tablet from any place in the world.

Supported interfaces:
  • Two 1-Wire protocols allow installation of i-button and temperature sensors.
  • Two RS-485 allow to install different sensors, indicators and additional devices.
  • CAN protocol receives information directly from trip-computer (fuel level and consummation, axle pressure, engine rotation speed, engine load and other indexes)
  • SAE (J1708) protocol

In case of absence of the network, all information received by the terminal is recorded to high volume built-in memory (512 Mb). This volume is sufficient for storing 10 million records. In case of cellular communication cut-offs, zero balance of SIM-cards, failures in the operation of data gathering servers navigational terminal iON Pro can store big volumes of information. Data may be transferred to the server during connection reactivation, in case of connection to the PC or through the USB-memory (flash memory). In the course of information unloading to flash memory the protection system with a built-in key is used. There is a unique mechanism of data transfer realized in iON Pro, all the information is transferred to the server by two independent data bursts.
The navigational terminal is highly reliable and fault resistible. There are two slots for SIM-cards that help reduce traffic costs and prevent disconnections. The device is protected against extraneous intervention— all plugs intended for connection of wires, antennae, SIM-cards are concealed under the cover. When the body is opened, the terminal gives a signal to the server. The fact of opening is displayed in the dispatcher program in the form of a message. iON Pro — is an exclusive navigational terminal which is equipped with external and internal GPS- and GSM-antennae and a function of automatic switching between them. Thus if the external antenna is failed, the terminal starts to work automatically. iON Pro has a possibility of remote update of the terminal F/W.
iON Pro is equipped with built-in lithium-polymeric rechargeable battery (Li-Pol) with high capacity —1900 mA/h. It provides the terminal with a possibility to function uninterruptedly for a long period in case of absence of external power supply. The navigation terminal also has three energy saving modes.

Principal Functions of iON Pro:
  • Determination of  observed object’s speed direction and location in real time
  • Data acquisition from various connected sensors
  • All data transfer to the server (scheduled or by demand)
  • Notification of dispatcher on «alarm events» (interruption of power supply, bringing outside aerials out of operation, unsanctioned decapsulation, exceeding of speed mode and etc.). Possibility of SMS and e-mail notification.
  • Data storing in the non-volatile memory
  • Driving style analysis

All IRZ equipment has an open protocol and can be integrated into different monitoring systems.

Price for dealers: depends from quantity (1-10 pcs 170 euro)